Tigers TKD For 3 – 5yr Olds


Action Tae Kwon-Do Tigers is an exciting new class for children aged 3-5yrs.

Tigers TKD will run on Saturdays at 9am for 45 minutes at our Kingston HQ gym and Amaroo.

The cost is $23 per lesson, no contracts, pay as you go.

The aim of the Tigers program is to help develop listening and learning skills as well as the confidence to take part in group and social activities.

These are crucial skills for young children at the start of their schooling.

This is an exciting opportunity for young tigers to take their first steps into the world of Tae kwon-Do. Limited spots, call us today on the contact numbers featured on this site or send us an enquiry and book a class via our contact form.

Is my child ready for organised activity such as Taekwondo?

By the time your kids are 3 to 5 years old, their physical skills like running, jumping, kicking, and throwing will have developed considerably.  Now is the time to take advantage of your child’s natural tendency to be active. Feeling confident about his or her abilities builds self-esteem, and helps with their coordination – thats’ what we focus on in TigersTKD.

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Fitness for Preschoolers and infants

Physical activity guidelines for preschoolers recommend that each day:

  • they get at least 60 minutes of structured (adult-led) physical activity
  • they get at least 60 minutes of unstructured (free play) physical activity
  • they not be inactive for more than 1 hour at a time unless sleeping

It’s important to understand what preschoolers and infants can handle. They should participate in fun and challenging activities that help build skills and coordination but aren’t beyond their abilities.  Kids this age are learning to hop, skip, and jump forward, and are eager to show off how they can balance, or do a somersault.

Forget standing on a wet sideline of a sports game – our sessions are run in a rain free indoor gym with plenty of parking (and close to coffee shops and cafes!).

Use our form below to send us your details and book your child into TigersTKD or call us on 0498 006 006.