Master Instructor of Tae Kwon-Do – Mr Paul Welch

ActionTKD3-webMaster Instructor Mr Paul Welch is the highest ranked Action Instructor in Australia.

He has been involved in Martial Arts for over 30 years. Most importantly of all he is the Master Instructor of his own Tae Kwon-Do school here in Australia and is your Instructors’ Instructor.

From this, all of those enrolled in Action Tae Kwon-Do have receive the many benefits of his teachings and Self Defence knowledge.

The Master Instructor has an unshakeable belief in the incredible potential that lies within each of us, and the capability of Australia’s leading martial arts school, Action Tae Kwon-Do to unleash this potential.

Master Paul is focused on delivering quality self defence instruction; teaching the community how to defend themselves from bullies, thugs and show offs. He believes there’s great potential within all of us and is committed to help beginners realise their goals, just ask any Action student, or come and join us and see for yourself.

Chief Instructor Alex Benson

Chief Instructor Alex Benson has been training with Action Tae Kwon-Do for over 18 years and has been a part of many students and families lives throughout the Canberra region.

He started training when he was eight years old and obtained his first black belt as a teenager. Training with Australia’s leading martial arts school Action Tae Kwon-Do has not only taught him physical skills but mental strength, discipline, patience and the respect which we should all have for one another.

He became an instructor, so he could pass on his knowledge to other students and help people lead active and positive lives. Whether you are 15 or 65 everyone has the capacity to learn the martial art of Tae Kwon Do. The only thing stopping you, is you.

Head Instructor Chris Ockerby

My name is Chris Ockerby and I became an Instructor in July 2010. I’ve been training since I was 8 years old and I’ve never looked back.

My training has given me the skills to defend myself and has helped me to become the confident, motivated and mature person I am today. The two aspects of my training that I pride myself on are speed and agility but I’m trying to improve all my skills.

Becoming an Instructor has given me the opportunity to help students achieve their goal and improve their abilities.

“Instructor Chris is a natural, fluid and dynamic exponent of Tae Kwon-Do. He is as impressive in the air as he is on the ground. He is a great example to junior students, particularly of what can be achieved starting out in the children’s class and keeping up your training.” – Instructor Justin Davidson

Senior Instructor Steven Mills

I was drawn to training as it seemed like a challenge. At first it seemed almost impossible to be able to achieve the rank of Black belt let alone become an Instructor. As I trained and rose through the ranks my goals seemed to slowly but surely get closer. The more I trained the closer I got to achieveing my Black Belt. After many years of training my goal was within reach. I just had to pass my blackbelt grading. After passing my gruelling black belt grading I wanted others to experience the euphoria I experienced on obtaining my black belt. I enjoy helping the students of Action Tae Kwon-Do achieve their goals not matter what they are. Some people want to be fitter, be stronger, more flexible, more confident or gain knowledge in self defence and with my skill set I am able to guide and help students on their path to their goals.

Senior Instructor Justin Davidson

My wife and I started training together in 2005. We thought it would be something fun to do together and a great way to get fit. We were right. As I progressed through the ranks and my skills developed I began to experience the benefits that come from regular training. It’s little things like being able to open jam jars that no-one else can. It’s bigger things like being able to piggy back a family member out of bushland when they sprain their ankle. And of course it is the confidence to walk down a dark street at night knowing that you can handle yourself in any situation. Action Tae Kwon-Do is a lifestyle, and gives you skills for life. But the thing I love the most about training is even after many years, I learn something new every time I go to class. It is never dull, and never the same class twice. I love being constantly challenged and I love that I walk out of every class a little stronger and a little wiser than I was when I walked in.

“I’d describe Instructor Justin as a good all-rounder. He possesses well-honed techniques and good defensive skills, making him a formidable exponent of the art” – Instructor Chris Ockerby

Senior Instructor Conner Maguire

I started training as a way to stay fit and keep active. The workouts that we did at training were always varied and different. As a student I was constantly learning new and exciting techniques and exercises. I thought that once I reached Black Belt I would be an expert and there wouldn’t be much else to learn. However once I obtained the rank of black belt and then Instructor I realised that there was still much to learn. I enjoy the training and the teaching and enjoy passing my knowledge of self defence onto my students. I enjoy varied workouts and working hard with my students to help them achieve their goals no matter what they are.

Instructor Adam Al-Daghestani

I’ve been training since 2013. Training has given me the skills to defend myself as well as made me a more patient, motivated and the mature person that I am today. Not only has my physical strength increased but so has my mental strength. Training has always been something I looked forward to throughout the week, it was always fun and exciting to see what new techniques I would learn that day.

Earning my black belt has been one of the most rewarding things to happen to me, and now as an instructor, I plan to push my students and help them achieve what I could as a student of Action Tae Kwon Do.

Instructor Ayesha Alhassan

Ever since I began Action Tae Kwon Do, I have become more than physically strong. Action not only taught me how to defend myself but how to be above toxic traits such as excessive pride and ego. Although there were many challenges on the way, training was always fun and there was something new to learn every session. Becoming an instructor was challenging and rewarding in its own way and made me build confidence that could be used in all aspects in life. It is always hard to take the first step but one step leads to another and another… and soon you will be running.

Instructor Steven Patynowski

I started training at Action Tae Kwon Do as I wanted to keep myself fit and busy during the week. Action Tae Kwon Do not only taught me the physical skills and techniques that is involved in a martial art, but also developed personal traits such as confidence, discipline, resilience and the fortitude to work through physical and mental challenges without giving up. Earning my black belt gave me a great sense of accomplishment and now as an Instructor at Action Tae Kwon Do, I can pass on the knowledge and lessons that were taught to me to other students which is an even more rewarding experience.

I’ve been training since 2013. Training has given me the skills to defend myself as well as made me a more patient, motivated and mature person that I am today. Not only has my physical strength increased but so has my mental strength. Training has always been something I looked forward to throughout the week, it was always fun and exciting to see what new things I would learn that day.

Instructor Alfred Ding

I have always enjoyed my Tae Kwon Do since I started training at age seven. Over the years it has improved every aspect of my life from my physical fitness to my confidence and discipline. “Boring” never describes classes at Action Tae Kwon Do as learning to defend myself has always been interesting, fun and rewarding. I have learned a lot here and becoming an instructor has given me a chance to help others improve themselves as my instructors have helped me improve myself. Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, defend yourself or have some fun, you will not be disappointed.