The many roles of an Instructor

Often we are motivated by articles we are sent by our friends and family. Sometimes they ring true, sometimes they just sound good. Try this one out for size, it was sent to me by a Black Belt.

What do you get when you join the ACTION TKD martial arts school?
Being taught to kick and punch, right?

What benefits are we really receiving from our Instructors and the ACTION TKD school?

  1. A life coach
  2. A psychologist
  3. A mentor
  4. An inspirer
  5. A supporter
  6. A friend
  7. A problem solver
  8. A stress reliever
  9. Being encouraged to believe in yourself
  10. A personal trainer
  11. A dietician
  12. A Strength, flexibility and weight loss coach
  13. Being taught personal victory
  14. Someone to call on 24/7
  15. Someone who encourages you and your children to have respect, patience, humility, discipline, perseverance, empathy, listening skills, loyalty and self control
  16. Being taught to work hard and play hard
  17. Someone who holds you accountable for your actions
  18. Being encouraged to set goals and reach them
  19. Someone who helps you build mental and emotional strength
  20. Someone who reminds you of your worth and who will stand by you
  21. Someone who teaches you to stand up to bullies
  22. Someone who sacrifices everything to teach you everything they know

Still think you’re just being taught to kick and punch here at ACTION TKD? Keep thinking.