Kids Patterns

Patterns are various fundamental movements, most of which represent either attack or defence techniques, set to a fixed and logical sequence.

The student systematically deals with several imaginary opponents under various assumptions using every available attacking and blocking tool from different directions. Thus pattern practice enables the student to go through many fundamental movements in series, to develop sparring techniques, improve flexibility of movements, master body shifting, build muscle and breath control, develop fluid and smooth motions, and gain rhythmical movements.

The patterns for children at various stages of their training are:

White Belt with One Purple Stripe
White Belt with Two Purple Stripes
White Belt with Three Purple Stripes

Purple Belt
Purple Belt with One Orange Stripe
Purple Belt with Two Orange Stripes
Purple Belt with Three Orange Stripes

Orange Belt
Orange Belt with One Brown Stripe
Orange Belt with Two Brown Stripes
Orange Belt with Three Brown Stripes