You will need to stay in touch via Facebook and with your Chief Instructor. Please take an active role in knowing about the arrangements for the next grading. COVID restrictions may apply.
Grading Location: Telopea Park School, NSW Crescent (Click for map)

Grading dates 2022:

November 13th



White belts


White with one purple stripe
White with two purple stripes
White with three purple stripes
Purple with one orange stripe
Purple with two orange stripes
Purple with three orange stripes
All other children students not listed above
12:30pm: All Grades
Tae Kwon-Do Gradings take place 4 times each year. I ask all students to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the grading in their uniforms with their belts on. Gradings start on time. If you’re late to the grading, your rank may have already graded meaning you’ll need to wait three months for the next grading. There are no refunds for late comers.
Grading information
We do all we can to keep parents and student informed about grading dates and times. We start talking to you at drop off or pick up in the gym 4 weeks prior to a grading, we talk to your students (or you) in class starting 4 weeks prior to the grading, we send information emails out to you, we talk a lot about the grading on Facebook and we have this section of the web site. So if you want to stay informed, remember it’s a partnership, you and your Instructor, you and our social media, you and the Chief Instructor and you and this web site. If you require anything over and above this, for some reason, please call me on 0498 006 006 and we can discuss your needs.