Christmas Shut Down 2018

Action Taekwondo Canberra will be shut down over the Christmas and New Years period with all evening classes resuming on the 14th January 2019. The last class for 2018 will be on the 20th of December. Our after-school program, 3:15 pm classes will resume when your school starts back.

Christmas Shut Down 2017

Action Taekwondo Canberra will be shut down over the Christmas and New Years period with all evening classes resuming on the 15th January 2018. The last class for 2017 will be on the 21st December.

New Wanniassa Supercentre NOW OPEN!

Great news to start the new financial year 2016 …  ActionTKD has a new home on the southside of Canberra.

We’re calling it the ActionTKD Supercentre – located in the heart of Wanniassa – our new home at 23 Garrat street is set to become the center of all things Taekwondo in Canberra.  With heaps of parking, close to the shops and more room that you have ever seen, we are very excited about what the future will bring.

All the new times and classes are below and having more space has meant we have moved across some of our classes from Lyons and Kambah to improve the experience for everyone.

We even have a big coming soon announcement…  With a new space we are going to offer High intensity fitness camps, Yoga, Massage, Self defence for Women and Private lessons.

So what’s not to love about a new home right?  Drop on in and take a look and we think you’ll be loving your Taekwondo experience even more in no time.


Wanniassa Supercentre

Kids Training times

6pm each week night
Monday (all grades)
Tuesday (all grades)
Wednesday (Beginner only)
Thursday (Beginner only)

Adults & Teenagers training times 

All classes at 7pm
Mondays and Wednesdays – Black belts and coloured belts
Tuesday and Thursdays – Coloured belts only

The many roles of an Instructor

Often we are motivated by articles we are sent by our friends and family. Sometimes they ring true, sometimes they just sound good. Try this one out for size, it was sent to me by a Black Belt.

What do you get when you join the ACTION TKD martial arts school?
Being taught to kick and punch, right?

What benefits are we really receiving from our Instructors and the ACTION TKD school?

  1. A life coach
  2. A psychologist
  3. A mentor
  4. An inspirer
  5. A supporter
  6. A friend
  7. A problem solver
  8. A stress reliever
  9. Being encouraged to believe in yourself
  10. A personal trainer
  11. A dietician
  12. A Strength, flexibility and weight loss coach
  13. Being taught personal victory
  14. Someone to call on 24/7
  15. Someone who encourages you and your children to have respect, patience, humility, discipline, perseverance, empathy, listening skills, loyalty and self control
  16. Being taught to work hard and play hard
  17. Someone who holds you accountable for your actions
  18. Being encouraged to set goals and reach them
  19. Someone who helps you build mental and emotional strength
  20. Someone who reminds you of your worth and who will stand by you
  21. Someone who teaches you to stand up to bullies
  22. Someone who sacrifices everything to teach you everything they know

Still think you’re just being taught to kick and punch here at ACTION TKD? Keep thinking.

We are back in action for 2016!

Action Taekwon-do is back in ‘action’ across all of our locations after a restful holiday break.

If you are looking to start Taekwon-do for the first time – please drop us a line via our enquiry form  and we will let you know what beginner Taekwon-do classes, times and locations we have available to suit you best.

For all returning students – please stay in touch with your instructor for information and details about your first class back for 2016.



Master Instructor  – Action Taekwon-Do


Christmas / New Years Close Dates 2015

Everyone needs a holiday including our talented team of Instructors at Action Taekwondo.

This year our last class will be held on Thursday 17th December 2015 and we will be back with our first class commencing on Monday 11th January 2016.

If you need to get in touch with anyone during our Christmas / New years break – or you would or a family member would like to start with us in the new year – please drop us an email via our contact page. 


Scenario based training at Latham

Well done to all the students that turned up at Latham last night to find the school closed for maintenance and decided to stick around in dark cold conditions for the ‘car park training’. Their positive attitudes turned what others might see as a set back into an excellent nights training of attacks, releases and scenario based training. Hopefully we will be back in the hall on Wednesday, but if not then bring your sports clothes and shoes for more ACTION among the trees and cars.

Speed is very important for powerful techniques

You probably know that speed is very important for powerful techniques. A small increase in speed leads to a surprisingly large increase in power. Last night we did an experiment to see how fast a side kick needs to be to break an unsupported board using slow motion video. Usually a board breaks partly because of the resistance of the holders, so if there’s no holder you need to kick much faster.

Your foot needs to travel from the ground to the ready position for your side kick (knee bent and pulled up, foot pulled across), then out to a locked position. For an 80kg person kicking, to break an unsupported board this all needs to take place in approximately three tenths of a second!

To improve your speed, you need to stretch more and improve your flexibility. You also need to practice your technique so that you can instinctively deliver the technique perfectly in such a short timeframe.

Remember that all your instructors were white belts once! Keep coming to training and you’ll be able to pull off impressive techniques like this as well.